Outreach Tools for Service Providers

Service providers and community members: use the links below to download copies of outreach materials.
You can also use the Contact Us Form to request materials to enhance your outreach efforts.

External Tools: Items for a General Audience

How Much Can I Get? Benefit Calculator (this will be available soon)  1/28/16
3SquaresVT: Nutritious Food for Good Health  11/21/16
3SquaresVT Income Limits  11/21/16
How to Apply for 3SquaresVT  11/21/16
3SquaresVT Documentation Check List  11/21/16
$16 Benefit Helps  11/21/16
3SquaresVT Reporting Responsibilities  11/21/16
Change Report Form  5/23/11
Alternate Reporter Form  8/26/15
Authorized Representative Form  8/26/15








External Tools: Items for Families

Attention Working Families: Child Care Deduction 11/21/16
Save Money and Eat Well with EITC and 3SquaresVT 12/09/16



External Tools: Items for Seniors 

Attention Seniors: Important Things to Know About 3SquaresVT  11/21/16
Improve Your Health (postcard size)  11/21/16
Medical Expenses for Seniors  11/21/16
Medical Expense Form  5/8/15
Senior 'Mythbuster' Flyer  11/21/16




External Tools: Items for New Americans 

3SquaresVT for New Americans: Who is Eligible and Frequently Asked Questions  11/21/16
3SquaresVT for New Americans: Call Center Interpretation Phone Line - 10 Languages  5/25/11



External Tools: Items for the Homeless

 Are You Homeless?  11/21/16



External Tools: Items for College Students

3SquaresVT for College Students  11/21/16



External Tools: Items for People with Disabilities and the Deaf

Medical Expenses for Vermonters with Disabilities and the Deaf  11/21/16 
Attention Vermonters with Disabilities and the Deaf: Important Things to Know About 3SquaresVT   11/21/16 
Medical Expense Form   5/8/15 




Internal Tools: Items for Advocates and Service Providers

Calculating Benefit WITHOUT a Senior or Person With a Disability  10/03/16
Calculating Benefits WITH a Senior or Person With a Disability  10/03/16
Advocate Tip Sheet #1: Special Rules for Seniors and People with Disabilities  11/21/16
Advocate Tip Sheet #2: General Application Assistance Rules and Tips   11/21/16 
Advocate Tip Sheet #3: Kinship Care & 3SquaresVT Benefits   11/21/16
Able Bodied Adults without Dependents Work Requirement Rules   11/21/16
DCF Medical Expenses Job Aid for Advocates   2/02/16 
3SquaresVT Outreach Messages   11/21/16 
3SquaresVT Sample Articles   11/21/16 
Media Release Template   1/5/11









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